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Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing process is highly complex and multistage. The borewell water goes from holding tank to multimedia filter. After which it is transfer to pressurized send filters and carbon filters through S.S pipelines. The water is than soften and sent to R.O. plant, in this process water freed from toxic and mineral chemicals and is sent for remineralisation so that it retains only necessary minerals essentials for human body viz. Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium & Potassium. This minerals optimize water levels in human body while reducing fat & cholesterol. Unique feature of our process is the blending of reverse osmosis and ultra filtration to give the purest firm of water with good taste. The entire process is in pharma grade equipment pipes & filtration. The water is remineralize once more and essential minerals are added to give micro filtered mineral water.

This meticulous process is a speciality of Can...I mineral water.